About Us

Strength India is a multi-national advocacy group focused on health, wellness, and education for girls and women in India.


We support groups, companies, and organizations implementing on-the-ground programs empowering women & girls.

We also design high-impact, data-driven programs connecting girls and women in India with specific opportunities to develop life, career, and confidence. 


Strength India boldly places crucial female leadership in the middle of some of the most at-risk communities in the world. Currently, Strength India engages girls from violent backgrounds through Active Spaces–our after-school mentorship program to develop Social and Emotional Learning– and conducts on-the-ground research to understand women’s barriers to accessing menstrual hygiene products as a prequel to the upcoming (em)Power Pads initiative

We seek potential, regardless of access. We believe a woman’s power comes from her ability to ignite a fire in the women around her, creating collective leadership better livelihoods. We look for perseverance and determination above poise and demureness. We don’t care if you were right, we want to know what you learned. We have less patience for a discussion about your mark sheets than we do about your journal entries.

We’re different, we know it,
and we like it that way.