Strength India is a multi-national women’s advocacy group–
We work towards universal gender parity by sponsoring creative programs encouraging girls to invest in their own lives.

Strength India is one-of-a-kind. 


We engage girls from violent backgrounds through Active Spaces (a mentorship program to develop Social and Emotional Learning); increase understanding of women’s bodies (especially regarding menstrual and sexual health) through our Feminine Hygiene initiative; and develop unique opportunities for women to enter dignified job markets and develop their own careers through Job Training initiatives.

Since 2014, Strength India and its’ founders have boldly placed crucial female leadership within some of the most at-risk communities in India.

We’re different, we know it,
and we like it that way.


We seek potential, regardless of access. We believe a woman’s power comes from her ability to ignite a fire in the women around her. We look for perseverance and determination above poise and demureness. We want to hear less about mark sheets and more about journal entries. We care if you’ve read Harry Potter, not your GK book (as long as you’re passing the class). We just aren’t as interested in the PM of 1982 as we are in your latest opinions of Hermione, and whether you thought her character was done justice in the films. Not sure what we’re talking about? We’ll show you the movie…but you have to read the book first. We’ll get you a copy in Hindi. Or Malayalam. Or Telugu. Or Marathi. Or Gujarati. Or Bengali. Or Tamil. Or English.

Just let us know.