Our Principles

Engaging women requires integration at three levels.

Everything that Strength India does is designed to produce unparalleled opportunities
by women, for women.
We embrace the necessary challenge to provide support through these critical pillars of influence.

1) Family and Community
The family unit and community politics exercise a lot of power over the lives of women in India. Families and community members often fail to recognize the value individual dreams and pursuits, even though their benefits may seem obvious to an external third-party. To address this, Strength India participates in direct outreach within communities to help families understand why their daughters want to try healthy new things– whether it’s learning to draw, getting a job, or joining the neighborhood football team.

2) Local Institutions
Girls often need extra encouragement to fully participate in activities. Particularly during critical teenage years, simply providing opportunities is not enough to inspire many girls to buck the status quo. That’s why Strength India takes what we believe are necessary additional steps to integrate new concepts into familiar aspects of girls’ lives. It’s why we work through local schools for our Active Spaces and require our Mentors to design projects that play to their strengths. It’s also why we outline organizational goals and objectives with diverse points of input. Strength India ensures girl-inspiring local options everywhere we work.

3) Personal Experience
Above all, Strength India believes that empowerment comes from the inside, so we engage women in long-term conversations (both one-on-one and within group settings) about how they would like to live their lives. Strength India works with girls to help them determine what they want; encourages girls to participate in the opportunities around them; and connects girls with the real-life role models and practical resources necessary to achieve their dreams.


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