Our Team

Kiran was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh, near the holy city of Varanasi. She teamed up with Tara after joining the NGO for whom Tara was managing a project, and quickly proved her value as co-manager. Kiran’s perspective and energy plays an invaluable role in Strength India’s direction. She is passionate about communicating with women who are commonly overlooked in society, and campaigning for equal treatment and access.

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Tara Celli

Tara came to India in 2014 to implement her thesis in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. She worked in management capacities with several NGOs in the Varanasi region of Uttar Pradesh before founding Strength India. Tara is passionate about women’s health and equality, participant-observation research, traveling independently, and eating burritos (which she occasionally misses from her native California).