Story + Founders

Co-Founders Kiran and Tara began working together in 2014 as volunteer-cum-employees at a women’s shelter facility run by the government in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Tara and Kiran spent 10 months working with over 300 women in and around the Facility before they realized that most situations were far too systematically broken for any meaningful improvements.

Prevention is critical.
Thus, Strength India was born.

The road has not been easy. Kiran and Tara have surmounted many barriers they could have avoided if they just stayed home. However, Strength India rides on a deeply personal commitment to protect women from some of the most inhumane dangers in the world: we work tirelessly to shape innovative opportunities for women, wherein all voices are heard.

Kiran, a village girl from Uttar Pradesh, grew up in a mud house with a joined family of 30 people near the holy city of Varanasi. She fought her way through the education system to earn a Master’s in Commerce and a second Bachelor’s in Education before teaming up with Tara to form Strength India. Kiran’s perspective and energy play invaluable roles in the company’s direction. She is passionate about communicating with women who are commonly overlooked in society, as well as campaigning for equal treatment and access for all people.

Learn more about Kiran here.

Tara Celli

Tara came to India in 2014 to implement a capstone project in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz (in partnership with the Everett Program). She worked in management capacities with several NGOs in the Varanasi region of Uttar Pradesh before founding Strength India as a 501c3 in California, later establishing a Section 8 company with her co-founder Kiran. Tara is passionate about women’s equality, data security, systematic organization, traveling, and eating burritos (which she occasionally misses from her native California).