(em)PowerPads is the world’s first
woman-owned, operated and distributed menstrual hygiene company.

Strength India spent 2 years in R&D to fill the massive gaps in this equally massive market.

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Popular statistics state that only 12% of women in India use menstrual hygiene products, but we have always thought that this had to be an over-simplified summary of a complex, deeply-misunderstood problem. With over 500 responses collected on-the-ground in Uttar Pradesh, we can proudly say that our hypotheses have thus far been supported by the data (proudly powered by).

During the past two months, Strength India has gathered an unprecedented volume of information about misunderstood communities of women in Northern India. In order to reach deeply under-penetrated markets, our on-the-ground strategy integrates local women at every level. Our unconventional approach has enabled us to form a unique distribution network, connecting women with the products they need to maintain a basic quality of life.


Finally, contact us if you are a woman living in any region of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, or Bihar and are interested in being trained to implement our survey and/or distribute our menstrual hygiene products. Our team will contact you .