We are a woman-owned and operated company.
We produce woman-designed and distributed menstrual care products for every woman in India.

Periods are tough. Painful. Inconvenient. Products are expensive, uncomfortable, and way too pink and flowery. Every woman knows this. And at (em)PowerPads, we think it’s time to change the story.

Our team has recorded thousands of hours of data–thanks to a partnership with QuestionPro–through door-to-door outreach in Uttar Pradesh. Our initial product is a high-quality, low-cost multi-size package of 12-14 sanitary napkins. (em)PowerPads are comfortableaffordable, and sufficient in number for the full duration of a woman’s period.

If you are interested in investing with (em)PowerPads, a company that aims to cement itself as a cornerstone operator within India and South Asia’s rapidly-growing, undervalued multi-billion dollarr menstrual hygiene market, please contact us at empowerpads@strengthindia.org.

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If you are a woman living in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, or Bihar; are looking for a job, and are interested in being trained to implement our survey or distribute menstrual hygiene products: please fill this form.

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Popular statistics state that only 12% of women in India use menstrual hygiene products, but Strength India has always thought that this was a reductive summary of a complex, deeply-misunderstood problem.

Between June and December 2017, Strength India will implement a cutting-edge survey of women in Northern India, gathering an unprecedented volume of balanced,  information about misunderstood communities (proudly powered by). So far, through our data collected on-the-ground in Uttar Pradesh, we can preliminarily see that the gaps in this market exist exactly as we predicted.

In order to reach deeply under-penetrated populations, our direct-outreach strategy integrates local women at every level. This unconventional approach has enabled us to form a unique distribution network to connect all women with the products they need to maintain a basic quality of life.