Our Story

Strength India’s story began when founder Tara Celli was working on a research project in Northern India. The project took her into a women’s shelter facility in Varanasi, and she was appalled by what she saw. Conditions for the hundreds of girls there were insufferable. Disease was rampant; food was constantly spoiled and rat-infested; rooms were unsanitary and over-crowded; extreme physical violence was a common occurrence. Tara and co-founder Kiran Pal spent 10 months working with over 300 women in and around the Facility. Finally, they realized that when someone deteriorates to the point of the conditions in the Facility, it is often too late for outside intervention.

Prevention is critical. Thus, Strength India began.

The road has not been easy. Tara and Kiran have faced corruption, unfriendly men, and threats of physical violence–things they could have avoided if they just stayed home. However, Strength India was born from a commitment to protect women from some of the the most inhumane conditions in the world. And so we work tirelessly, shaping a narrative for women wherein their voices are heard, and equal opportunities exist for all.