No one needs to re-invent the wheel.

That’s why Strength India finds best-practice nonprofits and works through their networks. There’s plenty of manpower in India. The challenge is not to find groups doing social work, but to find those who are doing it well.


Dolly Foundation for Human Resources Development
Also known as D-Foundation, this NGO is a long-standing fixture in the Sarnath community. Serving some of the poorest residents of the Varanasi region, D-Foundation initiates projects that meet medical, educational, and human resource needs, specifically focusing on rural communities.

Jeevan School
Jeevan School is a free educational institution that works towards the eradication of illiteracy in communities of urban poverty (“slums”). In addition to their free school, Jeevan also operates a free dormitory facility for the children they educate, providing an environment which both reinforces academic values and enables young learners to escape cycles of violence and addiction at home.

Shanti Niketan
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