Active Spaces

Active Spaces are Mentorship Programs
We engage girls from violent backgrounds in the development of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Active Spaces bridge the gap between life at school and “the real world.” We keep girls focused, and shape bold female leaders prepared for success in school and beyond.

Active Spaces use extracurricular activities to develop confidence and social proficiency through SEL; which includes principles of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making.

Active Spaces engage women and children through fun, empowering activities, which our Mentors use as entry points to tough conversations about important issues (for example, using a self-defense class to discuss how to talk to police and report assault). These activities and the resulting conversations often result in a fundamental shift in girls’ understanding of self, society, and the world in which we live–effectively preparing them to become conscious leaders as they grow up and step away from familiar environments. These high-impact, data-driven programs have the demonstrated capacity to improve academic and social performance as they simultaneously lower instances of aggression and self-destruction.

Strength India establishes our Active Spaces in partnership with local, nonprofit schools in North India in addition to direct outreach within oppressed communities. Strength India then leverages the access we create within local institutions and networks to facilitate unique opportunities for girls to grow into confident leaders. According to our principles, we also form specialized partnerships based on the needs of individuals, communities, and institutions. This unique approach enables young women to set goals for bright futures and focus on long-term achievement–understanding feelings, improving critical thinking, sharpening social skills, and nurturing a sisterhood of mutual accomplishments in order to bring about personal growth and social empathy as they navigate life.

Girls who participate in Strength India’s Active Spaces consistently express feelings of increased confidence as a result of our programming. Parents and school leaders also consistently report that our girls show marked improvements in both personal habits and interaction skills.

In Active Spaces, all girls feel the potential to succeed.

Current Active Spaces Partnership Locations
Jeevan School
Little Stars School and Shanti Niketan Hostel

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