Active Spaces

Strength India’s After-School Mentorship programs engage girls from violent backgrounds in the development of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills.

Active Spaces shape bold leaders ready for success; bridging the gap between school and “the real world” while keeping girls focused on the necessary steps to follow their dreams.

Based on the implementation guidelines established by CASEL, programs like Active Spaces have demonstrated the capacity to improve academic and interpersonal skills while simultaneously reducing instances of aggression and self-destructive behavior. Since they began work together, Kiran and Tara have worked with over 400 girls and women in the development of their SEL skills.

Active Spaces are established both through local non-profit schools in Northern India, as well as various forms of direct outreach.

Strength India leverages access within our networks to facilitate unique opportunities for our girls to grow into confident women. We form specialized partnerships based on the needs of individuals, communities, and institutions with whom we establish Active Spaces. Girls who participate in Strength India’s Active Spaces programming consistently express increased confidence, and both parents and school leaders have reported that our girls show improvements in both personal habits and interaction skills.

In Active Spaces, all girls feel the potential to succeed.

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